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Our views 30 April 2024

Stewardship and Responsible Investment report for 2023

50 min read

“As the world becomes more complex and interconnected, our role as active managers in creating long-term value for our clients is becoming more important than ever. Responsible investing is critical for delivering on this commitment.

The past year has seen further growing interest in what we do. We welcome the growing interest in our work from clients, the media and regulators. We welcome the increased emphasis on responsible investment right across the spectrum. In our view, there is no ‘one way’ to do responsible investment, but we are adamant that transparency is a non-negotiable: we want to talk to our stakeholders to understand their concerns but also want to be clear about what we can and cannot deliver. We also want to share our successes and our challenges. That is the essence of this report.”  – Hans Georgeson, CEO, Royal London Asset Management

Read in full: Stewardship and responsible investment report 2023