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Our clients and investment solutions

Royal London Asset Management's success has been driven by our focus on meeting client needs. We work closely with clients to understand their objectives and requirements, and then work to deliver the performance and service they deserve.

We built our reputation on successfully working with a wide range of institutional clients. As well as a range of pooled investment products covering all major asset classes, we provide bespoke solutions to meet specific objectives. Our institutional business development team and fund managers understand that different institutional clients face different challenges that require different approaches and solutions.

Institutional client portal

Our client portal has been designed and built to better serve the needs of our institutional clients. It provides a secure and efficient platform where they can directly access account information and place trades.

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Local authorities

  • Royal London Asset Management has a long and established track record of working successfully with local authorities, both with individual funds and with the LGPS pools, and is a signatory of the Cost Transparency Code. Our mutual status, and background as a leader in responsible investment, leads to a natural fit with local authority pension schemes and their objectives.


  • Universities have unique investment needs. Our cash funds offer a mix of risk and return profiles aimed to help universities ladder their cashflows to meet their outgoings. Our sustainable fund range, with its emphasis on investing in companies that provide a net benefit to society, has also worked well for universities looking for longer term investments such as endowment funds.

Insurance companies

  • We recognise managing assets for insurance companies is different and therefore we take a specialist approach to insurance asset management. We manage significant assets for our parent company including with-profit funds and hedging portfolios.
  • The key difference of insurers to any other institutional investor is the Solvency II regime and the complexity of insurance liabilities. We work with insurers to help build an asset allocation that embraces both the assets and liability side of the balance sheet, while delivering bespoke regulatory reporting including tripartite templates and quantitative reporting templates

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Corporate pensions

  • Royal London Asset Management has been managing assets for corporate pension schemes since our inception in 1988, and demand from pension clients has been the single largest driver of our success in the past 30 years. While best-known for our range of sterling credit and buy and maintain portfolios, we can offer pension schemes access to a wide range of high quality fixed income and equity investment solutions


  • We recognise the importance of consultants in helping pension schemes and other investors achieve their needs. We take a partnership approach, with our dedicated consultant relations team working with consultants to create and deliver investments that deliver good results for clients.

Our solutions

At Royal London Asset Management, we pride ourselves on the breadth and quality of the investment options we offer. Our size and scale mean we can give clients access to investment solutions from all major asset classes, catering to a broad range of risk appetites, portfolio needs and market conditions.

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Institutional client portal

Our institutional client portal provides secure access to account information and the ability to place trades directly.

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