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RL Global Equity Select Fund limited issuance

September 2023

Following a period of increased asset growth, on the back of strong investment performance and net inflows, Royal London Asset Management has taken action to protect existing investors of the Royal London Global Equity Select Fund by limiting investors from buying additional shares.

What does limited issuance mean for shareholders?

From 11 September 2023, we will not issue new shares in RL Global Equity Select Fund. This applies to all share classes of the fund (see table below).

  • Existing shareholders may continue to hold the shares they already own, but may not make additional purchases.
  • Any income paid out cannot be re-invested into the fund.
  • There will be no change in servicing for investors. Royal London Asset Management will continue to support clients in the normal way through factsheets and regular reporting.
Name Share class ISIN
Royal London Global Equity Select Fund M Acc GB00BF93W972
Royal London Global Equity Select Fund M Inc GB00BF93WB97
Royal London Global Equity Select Fund R Acc GB00BF93WC05
Royal London Global Equity Select Fund

S Acc

Royal London Global Equity Select Fund Z Acc GB00BNNFF075

Global equity investment solutions

The Global Equity Select strategy employs Royal London Asset Management’s Global Equity team’s longstanding and proven investment process, investing in companies at the optimal part of their life cycle to deliver a balanced, concentrated portfolio with low style risk. This approach has proved highly successful, with the strategy consistently recording market-leading risk-adjusted performance and regularly being ranked in the top decile of performance within its peer group by third-party data providers.

The Global Equity Select strategy forms part of a range of global equity investment solutions offered by Royal London Asset Management to meet the requirements of a broad spectrum of clients. These strategies continue to remain open to existing and new investors:

  • Global Equity Diversified
  • Global Equity Income
  • Global Equity Transitions
  • Global Equity Enhanced 

Also employing the Global Equity team’s proven approach to stock selection and portfolio management, these strategies have consistently maintained extremely strong records of delivering risk-adjusted outperformance.

Royal London Global Equity Income Fund

A differentiated, proven and repeatable approach to global equity

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. The redemption of shares is not affected by limited issuance, and shareholders can sell or redeem any shares that they currently own.

We will keep the limited issue position under review. If circumstances change and further shares can be issued without compromising the fund’s investment objective or its shareholders, we will re-open the issue of shares.

Royal London Asset Management defines investment capacity for a strategy as the point at which additional investment into the strategy begins to put at risk the portfolio manager’s ability to continue managing the investment strategy to the stated investment objective, without changing the investment approach taken to get to that point.

We continuously review the full range of investment strategies managed and distributed by Royal London Asset Management to ensure that the relative utilisation of capacity in any strategy is monitored and any issues that are identified are managed and resolved appropriately.

The Royal London Global Equity Select Fund is managed using our Global Equity Select investment strategy. This strategy is also utilised in another authorised pooled fund and a range of segregated mandates managed on behalf of a range of institutional clients. In relation to the management and oversight of investment capacity, we apply a consistent approach to the investment strategy for all clients, regardless of how they access the strategy.

This investment strategy uses our Global Equity team’s unique and highly differentiated investment philosophy and approach to identifying attractive stocks. The investment strategy is run on a highly dynamic basis, meaning position sizes relative to the typically available liquidity in the market, and the portfolio manager’s ability to move in and out of names effectively, are key components in our assessment of capacity of this investment strategy. Another factor influencing the capacity assessment is the portfolio construction process utilised by this strategy, which produces a relatively concentrated portfolio.

As a result of strong and consistent net inflows in recent years, assets managed across all portfolios that utilise the Global Equity Select investment strategy are now approaching an amount whereby Royal London Asset Management's definition of investment capacity is being met. As such, in the best interests of existing fund shareholders and other clients, we are taking action to restrict access to the strategy, according to the local regulations and practices in force in the relevant jurisdictions.

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Please feel free to speak to your usual contact if you have any further questions or visit the global equity capabilities section of our website.

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