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About Royal London Asset Management

Royal London Asset Management is one of the UK’s leading fund management companies, managing assets on behalf of a wide range of clients.

At Royal London Asset Management, we do things a little differently.

We’re powered by people, purpose, and perspective. We take a distinct approach to active management. As an integral part of customer-owned mutual Royal London, we’re free from short-term shareholder demands. Instead, we put our clients at the heart of what we do, using a longer-term perspective to generate investment returns.

It’s a different pressure to perform and we thrive on it. As active long-term investors, we create solutions with the right balance of return and risk. Our consistent track record across asset classes speaks for itself.

We are independent, responsible investors. Entrusted with other people’s money, we embrace the influence we have as stewards of our clients’ capital, for the mutual benefit of our clients and wider society.

We are dedicated to delivering for our clients around the world. Building a better future, together.

It’s asset management excellence with a longer-term perspective.


Photograph of Hans Georgeson, CEO of RLAM
Hans Georgeson, CEO

CEO message

Chief Executive Officer, Hans Georgeson

"Trust is an essential element in our industry. Asset management companies play an essential role in creating the financial futures that people want – particularly in areas such as pensions. We recognise that trust has to be earned and maintained.

We do this in several ways. Of course, we look to provide excellent investment returns. We believe that generating performance relies on a number of factors – effective teams, with the right tools and resources, using judgement in a disciplined and transparent way. But we see performance as just one element that we need to look after. 

We work in partnership with our clients to create and manage investments that help achieve financial goals. Those goals are now more challenging than ever. As well as navigating the complexities of modern investment markets and changing regulation, our clients expect us to not just produce the right results, but to do this in the right way.

One way you can see this is through our heritage and track record in responsible investing. Royal London Asset Management has long been seen as a leader in this area, and we are committed to making sure that our culture and approach to responsible investing keep us at the head of the pack – partly because it is the right thing to do, but because we believe that this will ultimately give our clients better returns." 

Our clients and investment capabilities

Our success has been driven by our focus on meeting client needs. 

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Corporate and Social Responsibility

At Royal London, the Corporate and Social Responsibility CSR programme supports our wider purpose – protecting today and investing in tomorrow. As a responsible company, and a mutual, creating a programme to support the communities in which we work was an obvious step.

We have a number of initiatives that are run at a ‘Group’ level, and as well as acting as part of the Royal London Group, we have a number of local initiatives as well, notably our work to support the East London Business Alliance (ELBA), an organisation that helps build connections between businesses and communities in east London and beyond, to create a positive impact, strengthen communities and help tackle the issues that determine social mobility.