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Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity has a greater profile than ever before. At RLAM, we want to be seen as responsible investors. This is more obvious through the way that we engage with companies we invest in. But responsibility applies to how we manage ourselves as well.

We recognise that as a leader in a major UK industry, we need to contribute to society in a wider sense, as well as investing assets for clients.

Being an inclusive and diverse company isn’t something we do to tick a box – we believe that a more inclusive and diverse workforce, working in an open and friendly environment leads to better results for our clients. Ultimately we need to make sure that we get the best people, with the right values, seeking the right outcomes, working for you.

An effective approach to inclusion and diversity is therefore a key element in our success as a business. We have a number of initiatives that we believe are supporting our efforts to be a fair, inclusive and diverse employer. Here are just a few examples:

  • Women in Finance - We were among the first signatories in 2016 to the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter. We have set ourselves a target of increasing our female senior management population from 33% in 2016 to 42% by the end of 2025. We publish annual reports, which outline the progress we’re making towards meeting this target. Read our annual reports 
  • Gender pay gap - Our Gender Pay Gap report shows the gaps across our business, outlines why we have these gaps and sets out what we are doing to address them. By understanding the gaps, we can better focus our attention on the initiatives that will make a real difference. 
    View the 2021 gender pay gap report
    View the 2020 gender pay gap report 
    View the 2019 gender pay gap report
  • Disability Confident - We signed up to the Disability Confident scheme in 2018 and became a Disability Confident Employer in 2019.
  • The #10000BLACKINTERNS initiative - we’re taking part along with many other asset management companies in the City, offering internships to Black students across the UK to help kick start their careers in investment management.
  • Internal networks - We’ve set up internal groups that help employees build networks, share insight on topical issues and provide practical support on overcoming barriers. We started this initiative with our Women’s Network, and the success and popularity of these has subsequently led to the creation of BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) and Pride Networks.

Initiatives like these are important, but only one component. We recognise that inclusion and diversity is the responsibility of everyone in our business, and we expect everyone to meet that responsibility, without exception.