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Our views 24 June 2022

Sustainable futures

5 min read

The past two years has once again demonstrated the relevance of sustainability in an investment context, according to Mike Fox.

The Covid pandemic has accelerated the growth of some industries, while hastening the decline of others with the associated environmental and social consequences. The recent invasion of Ukraine has focused investor attention on the role of food and energy in society, and how these critical areas must evolve to meet the needs of the future.

We believe this background and the strong long-term returns, both financial and societal, that sustainable strategies can point to, mean that sustainable funds are worthy of consideration by all investors. It is something which has been moving in this direction for many years – we launched our sustainable range over 30 years ago, and our investment philosophy has evolved and developed ever since. However, it has always been based on the fact that we think markets often undervalue companies that can have a positive influence on society and the environment. Our sustainable funds aim to exploit this inefficiency, ensuring that every company we buy meets both a sustainable and financial hurdle.

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