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Our views 13 June 2022

Sustainability Ezine

10 min read

The past year has been a rollercoaster for sustainable investors, not because anything has changed in the types of businesses in which we invest, but because investment markets have been attempting to understand the implications of pandemics, lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, inflation, interest rate rises, and now a war in Eastern Europe.

In fact, we cannot remember a time when there have been so many huge and uncertain forces all impacting the global economy simultaneously.

Portfolio construction

Thankfully our investment process is not one where we have to make predictions on these macroeconomic factors and instead our portfolios are constructed on a bottom-up, company by company basis. Our company analysis always starts by looking at a company from a sustainable perspective and here we not only look at how a company’s products and services are helping to contribute to a cleaner, healthier, safer, and more-inclusive society but also how a company conducts its operations. When we look at how a company operates, we assess whether that company considers and treats its stakeholders (which includes employees and suppliers, as well as shareholders) in a responsible way, and we favour companies which are the leaders within their industries.

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